30 Days of Colour Challenge: Day 5 - Green

By Nesita - April 06, 2015

Alright, day 5 is here and the theme for today is green. The colour I chose for today is Catrice's Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! which I believe was discontinued a while ago. I hate that they discontinue products all the time!

And here it is! I don't think the name it's very fitting since this is yellow but actually a muted lime green with fine white shimmer, though the shimmer isn't really visible once on the nails. It's quite thick and streaky and it took three coat plus a top coat to make it look even. Also please excuse the messy application, I always struggle to paint my nails with my non-dominant hand.

I'm not used to seeing my nails with colours other than reds or nudes but I do like the look of it and I should definitely wear more colourful shades more often!

Please take a look at the other entries for today's fill:

And here's the full list of fills for this challenge :)

So what do you guys think of this green? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments and see you tomorrow for the next theme!

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