30 Days of Colour Challenge: Day 4 - Pink

By Nesita - April 05, 2015

Hey hey!

After skipping yesterday, I'm back with the 30 Days of Colour Challenge and the theme of today is the colour pink. Pink is another anothone of those colours that I do like wearing on my nails, whether it's a paler version or a bright, neon one. I actually thought I had more choice on pinks than I actually do...but oh well, let's get to the swatch!

 The polish I chose for today is from a supermarket brand called Deliplús, number 215 and it was part of one of their summer limited editions. As you can see it's a bright barbie pink with a creme finish and it went on quite smoothly eventhough it's a few years old now. I used three coats to make it look as even as possible with my nail ridges and no top coat.

I took these pictures in a different setting so the colour balance looks a bit off, still working on that :/

Hope you liked my fill for today! Please go check out the other fills with the links below:

And here's the challenge list if you wanna see what's coming in the next few days:

Hope you're all having a nice day! x

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