30 Days of Colour Challenge: Day 14 - Textured

By Nesita - April 14, 2015

Hey there!

Today's day 14 of the 30 Days of Colour Challenge and the prompt was textured. I really like the colour I chose but I *just* realised I did nothing to capture the actual texture of the polish. Fail. The pictues were taken and edited though, so I'm posting them anyway!

This is China Glaze Put a Bow on It from their Happy HoliGlaze collection, which was also very kindly sent to me by my friend Katherine. It's a beautiful purple glitter with lots of tiny blue, red and pink particles. Now I'm not sure if it was meant to be textured or if it's just the glitter making it like that but it was quite textured, so I'm going with it.

It was mostly opaque in one thick coat but it tended to 'bunch up' in places so I used two here to smooth it out a bit. Removal was quite easy with the tinfoil method, too. I know I say this about pretty much every single one but I do really love it!

That's my fill for textured but please go check out the other ones!

I personally love the rough texture these leave on the nails but I know a lot of people can't stand it. On which side are you? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

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