30 Days of Colour Challenge: Day 16 - Holo

By Nesita - April 16, 2015

Hey there!

The prompt for day 16 of the challenge is holo nail polish. This is one that I was also excited about because I knew exactly which one I wanted to use and because I enjoy wearing it, of course.

This gorgeous silver holo is Imagine if... by Nicole by OPI. It's a tiny bit sheer but it covered the nail completely in three coats. I have no complaints about the formula, it went on smoothly and dried really quickly. It's a bit rough to the touch but I like that kind of finish and it would be solved with a top coat.

The holographic goodness of it was really hard to capture specially since the sun decided not to come out today, so I tried a few different lightnight/flash combinations to achieve it. The blurriness on the bottom pictures is on purpose, by the way haha

You can have a lot at the other entries here!

Do you guys have any tips for capturing holo polishes in all of their gloriousness? Any I should definitely try? Please let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

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