I got mail from Canada!! (English)

By Nesita - December 17, 2013

About a year ago or so my lovely friend Katherine from ProcrastiNails and I started talking about doing a nail polish exchange where she would send me brands I couldn't find here and I would do the same for her. But we're both big procrastinators (ha!) and sort of forgot about it until recently, when we decided to finally do it. This is gonna be a long post so get ready for it!

In case anyone's wondering, we set a bottle limit and a sending date so both packages would arrive roughly at the same time. My package arrived just a week after she sent it which I think was pretty fast! Mine's taken a bit longer to get there but it's finally were it should be so everything's good.

Enough blabbling, here are the nail polishes!

CG Red-y & Willing, Revlon Rich, CG Put A Bow On it, Julep Kendra

China Glaze's Red-y & Willing is a gorgeus shimmery red that I'll get a lot of use of, since half the time I wear nail varnish is a variation of red haha.
Revlon's Rich is a color I don't know quite how to describe, but it's what's currently on my nails and I.love.it It kinda looks like a green gunmetal but with gold shimmer? I'm hopeless at describing colours.
China Glaze's Put A Bow On It is a purple micro glitter that I can't wait to try on when my nails are a bit longer so I can stare at that glittery goodness all day!
Julep's Kendra is a dark shimmery green and I have nothing like it. I like these dark-almost-black kind of shades but for whatever reason I always buy the bright ones.

Revlon Autumn Spice, China Glaze Travel In Colour

Revlon's Autumn Spice is one of their new Parfumerie scented nail polishes and I couldn't have been more excited when I saw this. Isn't that the cutest nail polish bottle you've ever seen? Thought so, me too. Autumn Spice is a shimmery copper that to me smells sweet, kinda like cinammon. This is another one that I really want to see on longer nails (can you tell I don't like short nails? lol).
China Glaze's Travel In Colour is an iridescent top coat that comes in an adorable mini bottle compared to the regular sized CG ones. I'm already thinking of color combos to wear this one with =D

And now for the non-nail polish part of the package!

First thing first, check out that pink glittery nail file! My brother was shaking his head in distaste when he saw it (men...lol) but I LOVE IT!! When I first saw the little red and yellow thing I thought they were matches because obviously I was too excited to actually stop and read what it said lol So imagine my surprise when I opened it and saw the cutest mini nail files I had ever seen! These went straight to my handbag, because a woman cannot get out of her house without a nail file, right? Haha
Her thank you card was definitely a lot cuter than the letter that I sent her (boo, self!), you can't see it in the picture but the little bird is actually made of felt fabric! It kinda reminds me of Twitter's logo haha
The lip scrub has a subtle cherry scent and is very nice, not too gritty but not too gentle that it doesn't do anything. It's a pinkish red color once you spread it and I thought maybe it would tint the lips but it doesn't - I was kinda hoping it did lol
And finally the food portion - First we have an Endangered Species Milk Chocolate Bar of which 10% of the net profits are donated to help support species, habitat and humanity - how cool is that? I'm a big chocolate lover and milk chocolate is my favourite kind so she was spot on there haha The Godiva ones were also milk chocolate and they were delicious (yep, already gone lol) The little metal tin is filled with green tea which is gonna come in handy now that I'm trying to not drink as much coffee! Any suggestions on how to drink it? I'm not a big connoisseur of tea haha

Thank you again Katherine for the lovely package, you're the best! ♥

This was a really fun experience, everything from choosing what to send and getting everything ready to actually receiving the package from your partner. I definitely recommend it to everyone if you can find a reliable partner (which I had absolutely no doubt she was) and look forward to doing it again if she wants to!

And I think that's all. Phew, this was a long post! Thank you all for reading!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I totally thought I had commented on this already! Ahhhh I feel bad, because this is like, the third time I've read over this post. /o\ Hahah.

    I'm so happy everything got to you in once piece. And I am also super bummed that the lip scrub didn't leave even a tint. :( I got the dark red one hoping that if ANY of them left a colour it would be that one. Oh well!

    1. Haha it's okay, happens to me all the time =)

      Was that your intention? Haha I thought it was just me having those expectations. It's lovely anyway, it smells delicious and I've been using it loads now that my lips need a bit more TLC.